When our relationships are supportive, warm and fulfilling, we can manage the demands of life much easier.   Our health is better;
our mood is more stable; we feel more confident and capable at work.

Overall, we have resilience.
Worried about your relationships, work performance, or just feeling like "something isn't right?"  
Have you begun to notice that you feel overwhelmed by the demands of life? . . . or have
difficulty sleeping because of life tensions?  These feelings and worries can be successfully
treated in therapy.   My clients enjoy a specially designed treatment plan for them--with their
particular life stresses taken into account.  

I have been helping individuals and couples for over 25 years with some of the situations
described above.   Call me at 651-470-5174 to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation
to talk about your concerns to find out if counseling with me can be helpful.
Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress and can actually be beneficial in some situations. For
some people, however, anxiety can become excessive, and while the person suffering may
realize it is excessive they may also have difficulty controlling it and it may negatively affect
their day-to-day living.  Check for
symptoms here.
      If you find you have a number of symptoms of anxiety, call me at 651-470-5174 to schedule your free
15-minute consultation to see if therapy might be helpful for you.  You are not alone.  In a 12 month period, 18.1%
of US adult population could be diagnoses with Anxiety.  Women are 60% more likely than men to experience
anxiety during their lifetime.  (National Institute of Health statistics.)  
                      There is treatment for anxiety.   You
can feel better.      

Major depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States. In 2012, an estimated 16 million adults aged 18 or older in the
U.S. had at least one major depressive episode in the past year. Depression is a treatable problem and responds to therapy as well as medications.   
here for symptoms.
If you think you may have depression, please call the schedule a 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your particular concerns.   I
have worked with hundreds of individuals who suffer from depression.
Call 651-470-5174 to make an appointment for this week.
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